GraniteNet Inc. provides various policies for direct application to our website network.

We take Security very seriously, and intend for you to have a safe and enjoyable experience whilst visiting our website network. If you have any concerns, please read our Privacy policy.

You will find below each policy applicable to all of our network;

Terms of Service

We offer a variety of services on our Website Network, all bound by our Terms of Service, each outlined within the document.  In most circumstances, if you have an account, are signing up for a new one, or we are providing a digital service to you, this is the document you need to read and agree to.

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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

We offer a variety of data services on our Website Network, all are bound by our AUP.  In all circumstances, if you have a website or are an editor of a site you are bound to abide by this policy; This document provides you with your guidelines to accepted file types, sizes and placement proceedure.  The AUP also covers content, scripts and 3rd party content policy.

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Privacy Policy

Our privacy Policy outlines the use of your information on our Website Network, and applies to all visitors, account holders and guests. We take privacy seriously, and encourage you to read our privacy policy if you have any concerns about your privacy rights.

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Copyright & Infringements

We take information missuse seriously. This is what you need to know to avoid using copyright content, or how to claim your content if you are the owner of the content. This applies to Images / Graphics, Videos, Wording or any content.

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