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My Southern Downs Support offers a range of support options;

  • Dedicated online support ticketing system, if you are a client, member or have your site hosted with us.
  • A Forum for general help that the community can contribute answers to.
  • Frequently Asked Questions for a complete pre-answered set of questions posed to us during development. This list is growing steadily as we try to answer your questions.
  • Policies Outlines various policies for our entire website.
  • User Guides & Applications Access & Read any of our user guides or applications.
  • Contact Us for help or for any other questions you may have about our services.
[boc_heading css_animation=”fade-in”]Dedicated Support[/boc_heading]

Support Tickets are for existing members with a hosting account, you can access your support tickets from the left menu in your dashboard, once you have logged into your website. (advanced mode view).

If you are unable to login, please contact us.

[boc_heading css_animation=”fade-in”]Policies[/boc_heading]

We provide the following policies that outline the terms of use of our entire website. Each section contains relevant sub-sections to cover the various extensions of MySouthernDowns.com.au

  • Terms of Service
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Privacy Statement
  • Copywrite & Infringements
  • 3rd Party Content Regulation
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[boc_heading css_animation=”fade-in”]FAQ[/boc_heading]

Our extensive FAQ section contains answers to many questions for all clients and customers. This should be your first port of call before contacting support.

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[boc_heading css_animation=”fade-in”]Contact Us[/boc_heading]

Contact us directly for help or for any other questions you may have.

We don’t use a fancy call centre, and we are all volunteers!

Please be patient, we normally reply within 48 hours.

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[boc_heading css_animation=”fade-in”]Video Tutorials[/boc_heading]

We have a number of support videos to get any editor up and running available HERE With basic to advanced instruction, and should be considered by viewing before making a training appointment.

[boc_button btn_content=”Video Support” href=”//mysoutherndowns.com.au/support/wordpress-video-support/” color=”btn_royalblue” icon=”icon icon-cog”]
[boc_text_box title=”Drop in to our main office and discover how we can help you!”]You can always drop in to access //www.mysoutherndowns.com.au  for free at our main office – 159 High Street, Stanthorpe.

A great opportunity to edit your site, browse the ‘Classifieds’ or update your ‘People’ profile, and yes, it’s FREE!

Whilst our offices are NOT open for support assistance for our website, we can offer assistance in how to:

  • Post an image to ‘People’
  • Create a page in your site
  • Train other members of your organisation in using the Dashboard
  • Offer advice in building your website
  • List events in the community calendar
  • Edit your business listing
  • and more!

Drop in or book an appointment with us today! (07) 4681-4384



159 High Street - In the Agfa Camera Centre
[boc_heading css_animation=”fade-in”]User Guides & Applications[/boc_heading]

Access & Read any of our user guides or applications.

These guides provide you with basics in using our website and it’s various features. Excellent if you ‘get stuck’ or need to brush up on your skills.

  • Website Editor Guide (Generalised)
  • ‘People’ User Guide
  • ‘Jobs’ User Guide
  • ‘General Website Use’
  • My Southern Downs Web-Site Map
  • Manual Site Application (for Not-For-Profits)
  • Website Application (Business Clients)
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