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Stanthorpe State Primary School

Welcome to our vibrant and inclusive Stanthorpe State School community, where quality educational and social outcomes are our focus and where each and every student is important and valued.
Established in 1874, in the heart of the picturesque Granite Belt Region, our school has a long and proud history of providing excellent educational opportunities and achieving positive learning outcomes for all students, through the dedicated and caring efforts of our highly experienced teaching and support staff.
The Stanthorpe State Primary School community always strives for higher things by ensuring everyone has the right to learn and the right to teach in a safe and supportive environment.

Phone:    07 4681 5111
Fax:         07 4681 5100
Address: 30 Marsh Street | Stanthorpe | Qld | 4380
Website: //

balBallandean State School

Ballandean State School has been providing quality education on the Granite Belt since 1909. Our school boasts a team of highly dedicated and supportive staff who are committed to school improvement and student achievement.

The staff at Ballandean State School hold very high expectations for student attendance, achievement, effort and behaviour, and together with parents and the wider community, we are able to provide students with an environment to exceed these goals.

At Ballandean State School, we take pride in embracing the values of our rural setting and embed these values into our everyday teaching and learning, giving our students the best opportunities to be prepared for their future.

On behalf of the staff at Ballandean State School I would like to welcome you to our website and invite you to visit us for a physical tour next time you pass through our lovely little town.

Contact information

Telephone: (07) 4684 1254

Facsimile: (07) 4684 1246


Address Bents Road Ballandean Qld 4382

Office hours

The school office is open between 8.00 am and 3.30 pm

Killarney P-10 State Schoolkill

Welcome to Killarney P-10 State School – a jewel of the Condamine Valley. Our school’s motto, ‘Success crowns effort’, is testament to a belief that all students can achieve success in their learning.

We aim to empower our students to be lifelong learners through engaging them in intellectually challenging, real life learning experiences. Our school has an excellent reputation for nurturing self-belief that brings out the hero in all our students.

We believe that a child’s education begins in the home and is continued as a partnership between the school and the home. Our task in education is to provide all our students with a caring, supportive and motivating learning environment in which to develop academic, physical, cultural, social and lifelong learning skills in preparation for their chosen pathways to the future.

Our school has been delivering strongly on its motto since 1874 and although strong in tradition, we look to the future with respect to responding to the needs of our students and community.

We look forward to working with you and your children to deliver pathways to their dreams and aspirations.

Address: Acacia Street Killarney 4373
Telephone: (07) 4664 6333
Facsimile: (07) 4664 6300

Allora P-10 State School

15978004_680362662146507_4496569129236142454_nWe are confident that you will find our school a safe, engaging and rewarding educational facility where your child can learn and grow in a caring and supportive environment.

We set high expectations in our facilities, educational programs and services. We also expect high expectations in ourselves as educators and in all of our students. Our school motto, ‘Always our best’, emphasizes the importance we place in participating and achieving to the best of our ability in all facets of school life.

We are a school community proud of our heritage and traditions whilst looking forward to ensuring our students are equipped with skills for life long learning. Our curriculum, rich in innovation and creativity, reflects the dedication and commitment to this blend of respecting our past and looking forward to our future.

Address: 21 Warwick Street Allora 4362
Postal Address: PO Box 6 Allora 4362
Telephone: (07) 4666 7222
Facsimile: (07) 4666 7299

Stanthorpe State High Schoolstan


Stanthorpe State High is a school of some 670 students in years 7 to 12. The school was established in 1962 and has a proud record of providing a quality educational service to the Granite Belt community.

Stanthorpe State High School values all people and exists to benefit our students and our community. We have a vision for learning and success and provide a frame work for this within a positive, safe, supportive and inclusive environment. Excellence is aspired towards, sought after and valued in an environment of high expectations of self and others where your best will always do. Our school provides students with high quality relevant opportunities to engage and excel in academic and vocational pathways to their chosen careers. Stanthorpe State High School’s junior secondary school provides students with a full range of curriculum offerings and experiences that provide the foundations for, and articulate directly with our senior secondary school curriculum. Our senior curriculum offers a broad range of 23 authority subjects including English extension, physics, chemistry and mathematics A, B and C, 16 nationally recognised vocational education and training certificates and the authority registered subjects of English communications and prevocational mathematics. The percentage of our students achieving in the OP 1-5, 1-10 and 1-15 ranges over an extended period of time exceeds the state average. The percentages of students exiting year 12 having qualified for their Queensland certificate of education also exceeds the state average

Our school has a number of distinctive curriculum offerings including our:

  • Italian immersion program in years 7-10 where students immerse themselves in the Italian language and culture through their studies in various subjects such as mathematics, science and humanities. The program also includes international study tours to Italy with return visits by Italian students to us.
  • Banca Ridge wine tourism industry links program that works in a co-provider, co-delivery partnership with the Queensland College of Wine Tourism, the University of Southern Queensland and industry and includes international study tours to California. The program provides students with certificate III qualifications in tourism and hospitality as well as certificate I and II qualifications in agri-foods, horticulture, agriculture and wine operations.
  • Work education program provides students with extensive access to work experience in a full range of vocations. It sets the foundations for students wishing to enter our school-based apprenticeship and traineeship program that compliments the vocational education and training courses offered.
  • Granite Belt and Border College of Trades program where students undertake training in and receive nationally recognised certificate I and II qualifications in construction, engineering and furnishings.

A full range of extra-curricular programs is on offer to provide students with the broadest possible opportunities outside of their normal curriculum areas. These programs include but are not limited to a full range of representative sports, instrumental music programs with access to our string ensembles, jazz band, concert band and creative generations state schools on stage, cattle club and show team, beekeepers club, computer club, culinary challenge and many more.

Address: 2 McGlew Street Stanthorpe 4380

Postal Address: PO Box 985 Stanthorpe 4380
Telephone: (07) 4681 5888
Facsimile: (07) 4681 5800


Applethorpe State School

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Applethorpe State School.  We welcome you as members of a dedicated team who have the overall development of your child as its chief priority.


Many wonderful opportunities are offered at our school to foster the academic, social, emotional and physical development of our students.  Our caring and highly skilled teachers deliver excellent educational programmes for all children from Preparatory year through to year 6, including instruction in the specialty areas of music, instrumental music, physical education and the Italian language.  With the valued support of our experienced teacher aides and ancillary staff, the students of our small school receive the important individual attention each child needs in order to flourish.

Applethorpe State School is an integral part of our community, and as such we enjoy an active participation in special community events and enthusiastically participate in regular interschool sporting competitions.

We adhere to five core values, known as ‘The Applethorpe APPS’: Good Manners; Accept Responsibility; Respect for Others; Pride in our Work and Pride in our School.  As such, our students, staff and community members take great pride in our work and in our school and through the demonstration of good manners and respect for one another, have developed a warm and caring environment enjoyed by our entire school community.

We look forward to working with you in developing a productive and supportive partnership to support our children and hope you may find our website to be a helpful initial source of information about our school.

Contact Details:

Address: 25576 New England Highway Applethorpe 4378

Telephone: (07) 4683 2203
Facsimile: (07) 4683 2542

Amiens State School



Welcome to Amiens State School community. We pride ourselves in ‘Working together so every child achieves, socially and academically’. Our school is proud of our history of providing excellent educational opportunities that allow our students to achieve at a high level of achievement through the dedicated, committed staff who provide a caring and supportive environment for the students of Amiens State School.

Our core focus is the explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy that allows all students to reach their full potential. All other ares of the Australian Curriculum are covered so that students are exposed to opportunities to achieve success academically.

At Amiens State School we are proud of the partnership with parents and community members. Our school has an active P&C committee who is commited to supporting the students of Amiens State School. As a community we are committed to quality relationships between teachers, students and community.

Amiens State School is implementing positive behaviour for learning. This program establishes an evidence-based whole school approach to support learning and behaviour. Positive behaviour for learning ensures consistency of classroom organisation, behavioural and instructional management, and implementation integrity of the whole school pedagogical framework. This ensures that all students are learning and achieving and that everyone has the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach in a safe and supportive environment.

Contact Details:
Address: 1337 Amiens Road Amiens 4380
Telephone: (07) 4683 3177
Facsimile: (07) 4683 3220

Freestone State Primary School

Freestone State School endeavours to provide access for all students to a curriculum that engages and challenges students. It is our mission as teacher’s to encourage and support students to grow and mature into confident, responsible and active life- long learners by establishing strong foundations in literacy and numeracy. It is our belief that skills in these areas allow access to all other curriculum areas. We also believe that students need to be taught how to learn together and work together as part of a group where individuals are respected. Social and emotional wellbeing is as important as academic achievement. We strive to acknowledge our individuality but learn how to compromise and work together to create a learning environment where individuals are valued and feel safe.

Phone:    07 4666 1569
Fax:         07 4661 1654
Address: 82 School Road | Freestone via Warwick | Qld | 4370
Website: //


Greenlands State School

greenlandsSSGreenlands State School is a proud member of the Granite Belt Community of State Schools within the state Department of Education and Training. It is located approximately 12 km West of the town of Stanthorpe.

Our small, co-educational Prep to year 6 school caters for children (enrolment approximately 110 pupils) from both urban and rural properties and attracts enrolment from a wide geographical area around the Granite Belt district. The school community is very supportive of the school and its programs.
The highly experienced staff provides a caring, friendly environment that promotes self-discipline and individualised learning within a multi-age setting.

Phone:    07 4683 6205
Fax:         07 4683 6394
Address: 1209 Texas Road | Greenlands | Qld 4380
Website: //

St. Josephs School

Innovative and engaging teaching and learning is a key characteristic of the educational offerings at St. Joseph’s School. We have an excellent academic history which is due in no small way to the commitment and expertise of our teaching staff. Students at St. Joseph’s participate in a diverse curriculum which marries the fundamental aspects of learning with cutting edge technology integration. In addition, students are offered multiple educational pathways as they move through from Prep to Year 12. It is recognised that every learner is different and St. Joseph’s School works tirelessly to meet the learning needs of every student so that they are prepared for the many challenges of young adulthood. Quality teaching and learning at St. Joseph’s is supported by second-to- none facilities and resources.
Well-appointed classrooms and work spaces assist with the engagement of students in the learning process. Many of our primary classrooms are equipped with smart board technology, laptop banks and iPads. Our secondary students are issued with personal computing devices, allowing them wireless access to the school’s network for use in and beyond the classroom. Teachers are continually seeking out ways to effectively integrate this technology in the teaching and learning process.

St Joseph’s School is a Catholic Co-educational school catering for students from Preparatory to Year 12. The school offers a seamless Prep to Senior, Catholic Education for families in the Granite Belt region of Southeast  Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Phone:    07 4681 5900
Fax:         07 4681 5909
Address: 100 High Street | Stanthorpe | Qld 4380
Website: //

Warwick West State School

Warwick West State School campus comprises the George Street complex servicing Years Prep to 6, the Special Education Unit and Early Childhood Development Centre, a Student Services Centre (housing Guidance Officers, Speech Language Pathologists, and other Support Personnel who provide a district service).
Warwick West State School is the largest primary school in Warwick. As a Band 9 school with 510 students we provide quality learning opportunities for students from Prep Year to Year 6.

While most of our families live in Warwick, we also draw students from rural and rural residential areas. Although many families have a long history in the Warwick area we continue to welcome new families to the Southern Downs. Our students come from various social and
cultural backgrounds. Children whose parents identify as being Indigenous or from the Torres Strait Islands make up approximately 11% of our student body.

The school provides opportunities for all children to reach their potential in academic, creative, cultural, sporting and social endeavours through means such as:

  • providing a comprehensive, balanced curriculum including a Technology component,
  • providing a well-resourced library to enhance the efforts of teachers to meet curriculum, cultural and recreational needs of students,encouraging a sporting tradition emphasising team participation and excellence,
  • providing a range of specialist music teachers and programs to enable all students to access musical education which is individually appropriate,
  • utilising the services of a support teacher and SEU staff who assist classroom teachers to implement appropriate programs for students with special needs,
  • utilising the services of a LOTE (French) teacher, Speech Language Pathologists, School Guidance Counsellor and other consultants.


Phone:    07 4660 5333
Fax:         07 4660 5300
Address: 17 George Street | Warwick | Qld | 4370
Website: //

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  Dalveen State School


Welcome to Dalveen State School. Our school has been proudly serving the Dalveen district since 1878. Dalveen State School is characterised by the friendly, caring and hardworking students.

Dalveen State School has a highly committed teaching and support staff that provide a caring and supportive environment for children to learn and grow in. All are working together to provide an exceptional education for each child. Our core focus is on literacy and numeracy. The academic curriculum is complemented by a range of musical, sporting and extra-curricular activities that allow all of our students the opportunity to achieve success on a daily basis.

We at Dalveen State School understand that education does not just happen within the context of a school, but happens in partnership with parents and community members. The school enjoys excellent support from the active P&C and the wider community. All at Dalveen are living the school’s vision “Together, creating successes and building our future”. The school has updated the Dalveen – Places of Interest brochure, which contains some great history about the village.

If you would like more information about enrolling your child at our school please contact the school office, otherwise go to the documents section of our website to download the relevant items.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school and community.

Contact Details

 Address: 40 Pine Crescent  Dalveen 4374
Postal Address: c/- Post Office Dalveen 4374
Telephone: (07) 4685 2355
Facsimile: (07) 4685 2457

Broadwater State School

sitelogoBroadwater State School was opened in 1905 as a rural school that provided a quality education to members of the Broadwater community and its surrounds.

Since the opening, many changes have occurred, with the establishment of new classrooms, gardens and an increase in student population. The school prides itself on its unique approach to teaching and learning, whereby the ethos “It takes a village to raise a child” ensures that each child is catered for in a differentiated learning environment that  is caring, supportive and nurtures each child’s unique abilities.

With three multi-age classes catered for by a quality teaching team, students at Broadwater enjoy a wide range of learning opportunities that enable them to grow and develop as a valued member of the community. Full time teacher aides support all classes to ensure that maximised learning is occurring in each class.

Unique opportunities are available for each student, with School sports, CWA craft lessons and competitions and interactive whiteboards and ipads in each classroom.

Broadwater is renowned for its specialised attention to student needs, an ideal place for your child to commence or continue their educational journey as a lifelong learner

Contact Details   Address: 638 Texas Road Broadwater 4380

Postal Address:  638 Texas Road  MS 50 Stanthorpe 4380
Telephone:  (07) 4683 6281
Facsimile:  (07) 4683 6327

Glen Aplin State School

sitelogoWelcome to Glen Aplin State School

Glen Aplin State School offers a warm, caring environment where all students are encouraged to do their best and to strive to improve. Glen Aplin State School is a small school, so we get to know our students and their families closely. This closeness enables us to personalise our approach to the curriculum for each child. We expect the children who come to Glen Aplin State School to be happy and feel safe. We work with families where we can to ensure we are doing all we can for this to happen.   We have adopted the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) framework to ensure the best possible learning environment for every member of our school community.

Our school expectations are:

  • I am safe.
  • I am responsible.
  • I am respectful.
  • I am a learner.
    Contact Details
    Address: 54 Mount Stirling Road GlenAplin 4381
    Postal Address: PO Box 21 Glen Aplin 4381
    Telephone: (07) 4685 8333
    Facsimile: (07) 4685 8300

Severnlea State Schoolsitelogo

Welcome to Severnlea State School.

At Severnlea State School we pride ourselves on being a safe, supportive and challenging learning environment where students can learn and achieve together. Our school culture is built around our school behaviour values of Being Safe, Being Respectful and Being Responsible.

Nestled amongst rural properties but situated just 7 km south from the centre of Stanthorpe, students come from both rural and urban locations. With a rich heritage and tradition Severnlea State School continues With Joyful Spirit.

Contact Details

Address: 14 Turner Road Severnlea 4380
Telephone: (07) 4683 5362
Facsimile: (07) 4683 5322

The Summit State School

sitelogoWelcome to The Summit State School

At The Summit State School we aim to provide high quality education that assists students to love learning, develop judgement and a sense of responsibility, understand the past and prepare to embrace the future.

The Summit State School was established in 1921. It is an appealing, well-presented school, located 12 kilometres north of Stanthorpe, just off the New England Highway, behind The Summit Bowls Club.

Our school features three multi-age classes supported by professional, qualified teachers. Students receive additional support from our experienced teacher aides, including a full time prep teacher aide.

The Summit State School is supported by a number of community organisations. The Parents & Citizens Association (P&C) meet regularly each term to discuss initiatives and fundraising plans for students’ education. They also assist with catering at various school functions, and provide tuckshop once a week for the children. All parents, carers and friends of The Summit State School are welcome to attend meetings or help with fund raising.

Contact Details

Address:  Taggart’s Road  The Summit 4377

Postal Address: PO Box 37  The Summit  4377

Telephone:  (07) 4683 2333
Facsimile:  (07) 4683 2230

Yangan State School

Yangan State School is situated at the head of the scenic Swanfels Valley, a mere 20 kilometres from the centre of Warwick. The district is rich in pioneering history with the area being part of one of the first selections for free settlement in Queensland. Historic buildings adorn the main street with facilities including a general store, post office, hotel/motel, police, tennis courts and garage. Yangan State School services a rural community including the neighbouring area of Swanfels Valley. Yangan State School was established in 1874. Swanfels State School was encompassed by Yangan State School in 1981.

Our Vision

Our school aspires to securing success for all our students by:

  • Caring for one another;
  • Improving our performances; and
  • Contributing to our school community.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide all students with worthwhile opportunities to become highly motivated and competent learners. At Yangan State School we have a very strong focus on academic, physical and social development. Individual responsibility towards learning is actively fostered which lays the foundation for lifelong learning. We aim to provide a learning environment that is responsive and embraces a futures perspective through the development of programs that will equip our students, parents, staff and community for the demands and rigours of a changing world.


Our school is fortunate to have major teaching areas being less than 15 years old. There are three teaching blocks and a demountable building that contains a music room. A new school hall provides an excellent facility for undercover play and school performances. The new resource (library) building is a very important facility for student learning. The administration area is situated in the original school building and consists of a reception area, staff area and principal’s office. The grounds are well maintained by a casual grounds care officer and the Parents and Citizens Association. The grounds feature an irrigated oval and playing area, shaded adventure playgrounds, a multi purpose court (netball, tennis & volleyball) and a new outdoor learning area.


The school community has an active role in school decision-making. Parents have a strong sense of justice and aim for the best for their children. Healthy parent-teacher relationships are essential to the smooth operation of the teaching learning process.
An active Parents and Citizens Association supports the school as an avenue of parental input into school decision making, enhancing school resources and in the provision of volunteer helpers in the classroom and in the school grounds. Staff meetings provide an essential forum for staff input into school decision-making. A student leadership program (student council) is promoted by the school as a means of students having input into democratic decision making processes.

Actual Address:  King Street  Yangan 4371

Postal Address:  c/- Post Office  Yangan  4371

Telephone:  (07) 4664 8224
Facsimile:  (07) 4664 8417

Thulimbah State School

sitelogoWelcome to Thulimbah State School, where we strive to help our students to achieve their best.

As a Positive Behaviour for Learning school, our mottos are Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be a Learner and Be Respectful. These values are explicitly taught in the classroom, and in the school yard.

As a small school, we have two classes, visiting teachers for Music, Instrumental Music and Italian, great sporting facilities, up to date technology classroom aids and a warm and friendly atmosphere. New students are welcome at any time of year.

This year our School Improvement focus is on Reading. We would like to see improvement in every child in their reading, fluency and comphrension through our teaching and learning programs and strategies. We encourage parents to read with their children every night.

Address:  146 Thulimbah School Road  Thulimbah  4376

Telephone:  (07) 4685 2270
Facsimile:  (07) 4685 2179

Wallangarra State School


We are very proud of the school and students. I believe this school offers students a good foundation for future learning.

Our motto is “Deeds not Words” and these words are instilled in our students from their first day of enrolment.   We believe that we do provide quality education for all students from Prep to Year 6. Our priority is to have well informed staff who are experienced and committed to work with your child to enable them to achieve their full potential and to maximise learning in all areas such as academic, emotional and social. Our students are responsible, motivated and eager to learn to widen their educational experience.

The school has a committed P&C and has the support of the local community who continue to assist the school in many ways to allow your child to develop into a mature, well grounded person.

Kind regards

Scott Koch

Address:  50 Callandoon Street  Wallangarra  4383

Telephone:  (07) 4684 3198
Facsimile:  (07) 4684 3133

Leyburn State School

1Our school is one of the oldest schools in Queensland. In 2012, we celebrated 150 years of serving the local community and surrounds. Staff members at our school strive to support all students and their learning. All staff members are approachable and supportive of parental and community involvement within the school.

Our school motto “We grow with pride” is reflected in the ethos of the school staff and students alike. Students are continually encouraged to try their best and challenge their own academic results, efforts and behaviours. At Leyburn State School, we are committed to helping children develop knowledge and skills required for them to participate fully as an active and informed citizen of the future. Along with this, children are encouraged to display positive attitudes to academic, social and behavioural learning to enhance their own personal development.

Our school vision – Leyburn State School aspires to success being attained by all students through:

  • Being supportive and caring of peers and staff.
  • Improving academic and social performance.
  • Contributing to our school community.
     Address:  34 Peter Street  Leyburn 4365
    Postal Address:  c/- Post Office  Leyburn  4365
    Telephone:  (07) 4695 0172
    Facsimile:  (07) 4695 0226

Maryvale State School

sitelogo2Our school aims to provide quality education by maximising access, participation and outcomes for all students through the use of effective teaching practices and provision of an inclusive curriculum within a supportive school environment.

A belief that strong literacy and numeracy skills are central to all learning and are essential ingredients for a life-long leaner is the foundation principle for all learning at this school.

Our school community beliefs are that all people should be treated with respect, we are responsible for our own behaviour, we are all participants in learning, all people are unique and our differences should be accepted, respected and valued.

Address:  81 Taylor Street  Maryvale  4370
Telephone: (07) 4666 1190


Wheatvale State School

sitelogoWheatvale State School is a school with country values and excellent educational outcomes. Situated only 15 minutes West of Warwick, Wheatvale State School currently caters for a total enrolement of 39 Prep to Year 6 students in three multi aged classrooms. With an excellent teacher/student ratio, experienced staff and visiting specialists for physical education, music, French and special needs cater for the individual needs of students every day as they effectively implement and support the Australian Curriculum. A playgroup, run by a qualified staff member also provides the Early Years curriculum to welcome pre-prep participants and operates on site every Thursday morning from 9 am to 11 am.

Wheatvale State School has a dedicated, hard-working P&C membership that demonstrates the sound core values upheld by the community. The work contributed by this team greatly assists both the school and the surrounding communities. The strong cohesion between students, staff and parents is evident as we prepare each individual to be a well-informed, active participant who will make valuable contributions to society

Address:  4194 Leyburn Cunningham Road  Wheatvale  via Warwick 4370

Telephone:  (07) 4667 4786
Facsimile:  (07) 4667 4820

Warwick State High School


Founded in 1912, Warwick State High School has a proud history as one of the oldest educational institutions in Queensland. The school now begins its second century of excellence with a strong emphasis on parental involvement as well as a continued focus on academic, vocational, sporting and cultural excellence.

The school offers a supportive environment to encourage students with special needs to achieve their maximum potential. The Student Wellbeing Team supports students emotionally, socially and spiritually during their time at school. Our AAA rating, focussing on Achievement, Attitude and Attendance supports high expectations for the entire school community.

Our target of 100% of Year 12’s leaving the school with a qualification ensures there is a pathway – academic, vocational or workforce for every Warwick High graduate.

Address:  Palmerin Street  Warwick 4370
Postal Address:  PO Box 67  Warwick 4370
Telephone:  (07) 4666 9222
Facsimile:  (07) 4666 9200

Warwick East State School

sitelogo2Warwick East State School is a vibrant learning community that uses its shared knowledge and strength to provide quality learning opportunities for each student that collectively represents the future of our community.  Learning takes place in a self-disciplined, mid- size school environment that encourages children to reach their potential. Our individualized programs are a feature of the balanced curriculum offered and our Special Education Program is highly regarded.
Our School has long been recognised as a school that consistently delivers exceptional academic, cultural and sporting opportunities. We are proud of our school’s reputation and are continually striving to further enhance this achievement through focusing on each individual student. 
Our teaching and support teams are extremely committed professionals who strive for the improvement of student learning. We are committed to quality education that develops respectful, responsible and lifelong learners.
Our school follows the ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning’ framework and through the use of this framework each student is recognized regularly for their positive attitudes and behaviours at school.
We look forward to meeting you at Warwick East State School.
Marina Clarke
Actual Address:  Fitzroy Street  Warwick 4370
Postal Address:  PO Box 384  Warwick  4370
Telephone:  (07) 4660 5888
Facsimile:  (07) 4660 5800

 Warwick Central State School

topI know that you will wish to share with your child and your child’s teachers the excitement of achievement at each of these stages of growth. You can do this by getting to know and by keeping in touch with your child’s teachers, and by showing your child you are interested in all that is happening at school.Although primary school is but one part of the total education of any individual, it is very special in the sense that the stages of development through which your child passes whilst at Warwick Central State School will occur only once in his or her lifetime.

Education is a partnership between parent and school, and is best fostered by two-way communication. Feel free to contact us immediately you have any questions, concerns or positive perceptions.

Address:  Cnr Guy & Percy Streets  Warwick 4370

Postal Address:  PO Box 217  Warwick  4370

Telephone:  (07) 4660 4333
Facsimile:  (07) 4661 1012

Glennie Heights State Schoolsitelogo

Welcome to Glennie Heights State School. We have a fantastic primary educational site set in wonderful grounds within the city of Warwick, Queensland. Our school’s vision, ‘With these keys, I’ll unlock the future’ is supported by our school Motto, ‘Aim for the Highest’ and is testament to a belief that all students can achieve success in their learning.

Our school has an excellent reputation for innovative programs and quality facilities. We encourage a balanced educational program that develops positive lifelong learning habits. We are a ‘You Can Do It’ School; proudly placing a huge emphasis on the emotional and social growth of all who are involved in our community.

At Glennie Heights State School, we respect tradition, while embracing the future; responding to the current and potential needs of our students and families. We welcome your communication and involvement.

Since 2014, we have been working on a new project called School, Family and Community Partnerships. We look forward to working with you should you become involved with our school.
Address:  5-12 Gillam Street  Warwick 4370
Postal Address:  PO Box 428  Warwick  4370
Telephone:  (07) 4660 5777
Facsimile:  (07) 4660 5700

Karara State School

Karara is a small school that is situated half an hour west of Warwick.  Our current enrolment is five students.  At Karara State School, we pride ourselves on creating a warm, safe and supportive environment for every student and that every student is learning, every day!

Our staff are a group of very dedicated professionals who provide a wonderful learning environment for our students.  The classroom environment reflects a commitment to inclusive education.

I invite you and your family to visit Karara State School and to see why Karara is the right school for your child.

Address:  Recreation Reserve  Karara School Road  Karara 4352

Postal Address:  Karara School Road  Karara  4352
Telephone:  (07) 4667 4177
Facsimile:  (07) 4667 4199

St Patrick’s School


St Patrick’s School is true to its mission of being a welcoming faith community, centred on the person of Jesus Christ. Visitors to the school often comment on the warmth of the school community, demonstrated by the staff, students and families of the school. As an integral part of the Catholic Church, our mission is also to help develop the full potential of each person, drawing on the riches of the past and present and fostering hope in the future. Even though St Patrick’s is only a very small school with a varying enrolment of between 60 and 80 students, children are encouraged to participate.

35 Arnold Street,
(PO Box 47)
Allora QLD 4362

Telephone: 07 4666 3551 | Fax: 07 4666 3351

St Mary’s Primary SchoolASss7

Welcome to St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Warwick, one of Warwick’s finest primary schools. Under the umbrella of the Toowoomba Diocesan Catholic Education Office, we are a Parish School, part of the St Mary’s Parish, Warwick. Our Parish Priest, Fr Franco Filipetto, supports the pastoral role of the school.
The school offers a professional and dedicated staff who endeavour to deliver a curriculum which is both exciting and innovative. We have a very real commitment to the basics of literacy and numeracy. We complement this by also addressing other key areas of learning to provide a wonderful all-round education for the children in our care.
St Mary’s School is proud of its history of providing high quality education in an environment of the Catholic tradition. Our school is committed to meeting the challenges of education today and in the future in order to provide students with the skills necessary to progress further along the life-long journey of education and learning.

163 Palmerin Street, Warwick Q 4370 | PO Box 555, Warwick Q 4370
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The School of Total Education

dSOTE is an independent school drawing on the philosophy of Total Education created by Vijayadev Yogendra. SOTE features small class sizes, weekly parenting programs and a vibrant, extended community of care. Our focus is on nurturing each child’s character while instilling a love for learning and solid academic skills.

2 Freestone Road  Warwick Queensland 4370

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SCOTS PGC College is a leading private co-educational day and boarding school catering for over 400 students from Prep to Year 12. We strive to provide an education where country values inspire excellence and students will be prepared fully for their future. Every student is an individual and their education must reflect this. Our role is to provide support, challenges and opportunities for every student to develop to their potential.

60 Oxenham Street Warwick  Queensland 4370

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Assumption College Warwick

slidernewsletter3The staff of Assumption College have a deep passion for ensuring that each student is provided with the opportunity to engage in a quality holistic Catholic education. As an active learner at Assumption College each student is challenged to achieve to their personal level of excellence in areas of Faith, Academia, Culture and Sport; so that they can fulfil their dreams.

This passion for providing a holistic education combined with a commitment to the ongoing development of modern educational facilities and the prioritization of the allocation of resources to improving student outcomes, makes Assumption College a great school community to be part of.

6 Locke Street  Warwick QLD 4370

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Warwick Christian College

Warwick Christian College strives to create a non-denominational Christian ethos, catering for students / families from a wider variety of Christian backgrounds. In the interest of Christian unity, issues about which Christians differ are avoided. Beliefs, doctrines and practices contrary to the Statement of Faith will not be allowed within the College. It is required that parents, who are new to the evangelical Christian faith undertake a “Christianity Explained” course during their child’s/children’s first semester at the College. This is important because parents need to understand the College’s Christian goals & ethos, and know what their children are learning about the Christian faith. The Christian beliefs on what the College’s ethos is based are stated in our Statement of Faith.

70 Horsman Rd Warwick QLD 4370

 PO Box 950  WARWICK QLD 4370

Phone: 4661 7554



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