Proud region prepares for return of ANZAC Day services

Proud region prepares for return of ANZAC Day services

9 April 2021

Preparations are well underway across the region for the return of public ANZAC Day commemorative ceremonies and the community are invited to attend COVID-19 safe events to honour those who have served our proud nation.

After services and marches were cancelled nation-wide last year due to social distancing restrictions, Southern Downs Regional Council is currently working with local community organisations including the RSL to collaborate on a calendar of befitting events.

While the 2020 ‘Light up your driveway’ campaign was warmly embraced by the community, Southern Downs Councillor Marco Gliori was delighted that ANZAC Day ceremonies would again return in a more traditional format.

“In recent years, ANZAC Day services have been strongly supported locally and across the nation, indicating that many Australians acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifice service men and women, past and present, have been willing to make for our security,” Councillor Gliori said.

“In modern Australia, it is essential our defence personnel returning from service are provided with ongoing care and support. Our community has the opportunity to show we care by attending ceremonies such as ANZAC Day.

“Most of us have a deep and personal connection to those who have and continue to selflessly and courageously serve and protect our nation.

“Through commemorative ANZAC Day gatherings, we stand together as a community to acknowledge the many stories of sacrifice, loss and resilience that surface during any military engagement.

“It is wonderful to see that traditional services and ceremonies will return in 2021 so we can pause to show our respect to those who demonstrated acts of courage and sacrifice so that we can enjoy our freedom today.”

People attending events are reminded to practice social distancing and are encouraged to congregate in family groups. Please refer to the attached list of ANZAC Day services across the region.

Due to restrictions, the Stanthorpe Civil Service will be replaced with a modified wreath laying ceremony after the March. The wreath laying ceremony will include elements of the service and residents are encouraged to attend this outdoor ceremony and pay respects in a way that is most comfortable to them; be in laying a wreath or simply observing a moment’s silence and being present.

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Councillor Gliori is also a well renowned bush poet and in 1995 he won the bronze statue in the Spirit of Waltzing Matilda Award for his poem Swaggie. The competition marked the 100 year anniversary of Banjo Paterson writing Waltzing Matilda.

Excerpt from Swaggie

By Marco Gliori

There’s an Anzac helmet crusted in coral north of Crete,

a distinguished cheerless shrine decorates a Turkish Street.

Two soldiers wait forever in a twisted ammo van,

where cattle grace forlornly on a slope in Vietnam

just trickles in a stream below such bridges we have crossed,

investments in a future, where the dream must not be lost.