Make way for upcoming water meter readings

Make way for upcoming water meter readings

18 February 2021

With water meter readings scheduled to start from 22 February 2021, Southern Downs Regional Council is calling on all residents to check that water meters are easily and safely accessible for Council’s Water Officers.

A quick review and tidy up of meter locations will ensure Council’s staff can quickly and efficiently read meters with no disruption to the property’s occupants.

Water meters are placed on individual property boundaries and Council advises that meters should be free from debris, grass, garden mulch, soil and other obstacles.

Residents and tenants should also ensure that stop taps are easily located so that water can be turned off quickly if a leak is detected to minimise water wastage, property damage and prevent an excessive water consumption notice.

A Council spokesperson also suggests that residents regularly monitor household water usage by reading their meters at a similar time each week to track how much water they are using and to identify opportunities for water savings if needed.

Water meter readings will be finalised by the end of March 2021 and Water Consumption Notices will be issued in April 2021 with the due date being 30 days after the issue date.

Anyone experiencing issues with payments should contact Council to arrange a confidential payment agreement.

Council thanks the community in advance for its co-operation in keeping meters clear and accessible.