Country roots at the heart of Dalveen’s Urban Design Framework

Country roots at the heart of Dalveen’s Urban Design Framework

28 May 2021

Country roots at the heart of Dalveen’s Urban Design Framework

Local heritage and country style living will be the pivotal points driving Dalveen’s Urban Design Framework (UDF) which was adopted by the Southern Downs Regional Council this week at the Ordinary Meeting.

Continuing Council’s commitment to making the region a great place to live, work, play and stay, Dalveen’s UDF provides a basis for investing in public works and guidance for how the village should look and feel.

Proud supporter of the UDF initiative, Councillor Sheryl Windle has watched numerous villages across the region blossom in realising their UDFs and looked forward to Dalveen embracing and enhancing its unique charm through future projects guided by its plan.

“The Southern Downs region is renowned for its charming and unique villages and since 2017 Council has been proactively and systematically rolling out the UDF initiative,” Councillor Windle said.

“Urban design frameworks provide a point of reference for a community to understand and implement a shared vision and are integral to enhancing the functionality, liveability, character and spirit of an urban area.

“The Dalveen community is passionate about moderate growth but staying true to its roots and heritage and maintaining a country town feel.

“Dalveen is already an amazing, quaint township and this project aims to make it even better!”

In December 2020, urban consultants Ethos Urban hosted Our Dalveen, a community workshop for local residents to share their ideas and vision for the village. Based on community feedback from the 26 attendees, a Draft Dalveen Urban Design Framework was prepared and focused on five vision principles:

1. Explore potential for modest population growth

2. Celebrate and reinforce local heritage

3. Enhance the role of the Dalveen village centre

4. An active and engaged community

5. Village improvements and upgrades

The document provides a basis for budgeting of projects and identifying other avenues for potential funding including grants from State and Federal governments.

Urban Design Frameworks have been completed in Wallangarra, Leyburn and Maryvale.