Change in Executive Leadership at SDRC

Change in Executive Leadership at SDRC

23 April 2021

Today Southern Downs Regional Council Mayor Vic Pennisi and Chief Executive Officer Dave Burges shared the news that Mrs Jane Stroud has resigned from her role as Director of Sustainable Development.

Mrs Stroud was appointed to the role in 2018 and in that time led her team through a range of strategic work, engaged widely with the community and delivered a number of outcomes.

Mayor Pennisi made special mention of Mrs Stroud’s work during the bushfire recovery and achievements in planning and waste services.  

CEO Mr Burges shared that after considering a request for contract renewal from Mrs Stroud, and through discussion regarding the new direction of the organisation, that both agreed the region would benefit from fresh changes at the executive level.

Speaking openly about Mrs Stroud’s decision to resign, Mr Burges stated, “Change is part of every organisation, and often new leadership brings new direction. Recently I appointed a new Director of Finance, Assets and Special Projects and a Director of Corporate and Community Services.”

The CEO made mention of Mrs Stroud’s contribution to the leadership team and in her capacity as Acting CEO.

“Mrs Stroud resigned from her role and leaves our organisation with our well wishes and I look forward to the changes this brings at the executive leadership level,” the CEO said.

Mrs Stroud acknowledged that her time at Council had been a great personal learning curve in working in regional communities.

“Having seen firsthand the hardship of the drought, bushfires and COVID, I have been constantly amazed by the resilience and strength of the community,” Mrs Stroud said.

“I wish the Mayor, Councillors, CEO and all the staff of the organisation a successful and prosperous future and thank them for their support over the last three years.”