Andrew Williamson¬†GraniteNet is in need of Hard drives – (Don’t worry we secure format everything before we use it!) I can appreciate everyone wanting to protect their privacy, and many computers arrive at our workshop without their hard drives, as the GraniteNet ¬†technician, I use a program called ‘Boot and Nuke’ which writes over your data with a combination of 1’s and 0’s to scramble any chance of recovery, before the drive is formatted, then fully tested for use…

Importantly, computers do not function well without a hard drive, and any you have laying about not in use, bad, broken or otherwise may allow us to repair one with a different issue,

Drop in to 159 High street, and help support low cost computers for those less fortunate.

“This day in age, WITHOUT a computer, job seekers have less opportunity, the elderly have less communication options and those with an illness or disability can slide the slippery slope without connectivity.”

Your support is appreciated. Thankyou.

159 High Street Stanthorpe

(07) 4681 4384