While visiting Stanthorpe why not visit the Museum.

The Stanthorpe Museum comprises of several historical buildings full of unique collectables from the mining, grazing, transport, fruit, medical industries, as well as school education and general lifestyles through the years.

The Museum’s Jean Harslett Research Centre houses over 16,000 photographs local family’s histories and the development of the region. The photographic collection is regarded as one of the best historical collections in Queensland.

There are 10 Heritage buildings on site with over 20,000 artefacts in the extensive collections. The museum also attracts family researchers because of it’s comprehensive original records from the Granite Belt families and business.

The suggested time to allow for visiting the Museum is three to four hours and for those true historical enthusiasts time is limitless.

High Street, Stanthorpe, Qld  4380
PO Box 327, Stanthorpe, Qld  4380

Visit the Stanthorpe Museum website

(07) 4681 1711