Stanthorpe Library, in its current location, fulfils a number of roles for the community: • a friendly, comfortable and welcoming community place, generating a feeling of ownership on the part of its users • a safe place to be a vibrant, interesting and exciting place • a building of quality and design excellence, which residents feel proud of and which enhances the image of Stanthorpe and its parkscape.

Stanthorpe Library (existing): • During the project, the scope was expanded so that consideration was given to allow the library to remain in its current location and to renovate the building to suit an expansion suitable for the library and the art gallery. This would need to be as least obtrusive into Weeroona Park as possible

Proposed Areas for Consideration: The Stanthorpe Library opened at its current location in Weeroona Park in 1987. The current building is shared by the library and the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery. There are three general buildings including the Civic Centre, Library/Art Gallery and the Fitness/Aquatic Centre that have been considered. The following areas within these buildings have been identified by the Council as prospective areas of consideration when investigating the feasibility of relocating the Library to its new location: