New ransomware-as-a-service targets Mac users: Alert Priority Moderate

19 May 2017

New ransomware-as-a-service targets Mac users: Alert Priority Moderate

Researchers at security firm Fortinet have reported discovering a portal that offers to create ransomware-as-a-service to target Mac users. The malware has been dubbed MacRansom.

Ransomware is malicious software that makes data or systems unusable until the victim makes a payment.

What to do now

This alert is supplied as information only, but it is a timely reminder that while malware might be more common for the Windows platform, Mac users need to keep their computers safe too. Protect your Mac by using anti-virus software, ensure that you agree to install updates as they become available and use safe behaviours online to help avoid becoming a victim.


While similar services have been reported by other security researchers in the past, the recent WanaCry ransomware incident shows how important it is to have anti-virus software and to ensure your operating system is up to date.

The researchers also report that because of the way the malware encrypts files, decryption, or restoration of those files is likely to be difficult.

Staying safe

We recommend that you proactively protect yourself from the effects of ransomware by creating regular backups of your important files and storing them offline. Learn how to back up files.

More information

Stay Smart Online has more information about how to protect yourself from malware and ransomware.

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