Breastscreen Queensland

Stanthorpe Hospital will have the bus there January –March 2018

It is important women have information to make informed decisions about their health.  Weighing up the potential benefits and harms, will help you decide                   whether  breast screen is right for you and whether or not you take part in the             Breast Screen Australia Program.

If breast cancer is detected early, there are increased treatment and management options This is because breast cancer can be treated more effectively when it is still small  and has not spread outside the breast to other parts

What if I have breast implants?

Women over 40 with breast implants are eligible to have a breast screen                      at a Breast Screen Queensland Service  Before you have your breast screen you will be asked to sign an additional consent form. You should note though that breast implants will obscure some of the breast tissue,                                       making it more difficult to detect small breast cancers.

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