There’s two main dams in the region, Storm King and Leslie

Storm King Dam

In 1872 a dam was established for mining purposes by the Storm King Mining Company, hence the name. It wasn’t until 1954 was the present dam built. The dam is located 12km East of Stanthorpe with plenty of space for water sports, fishing or swimming. There’s picnic facilities, toilets, playground and bbqs. Camping is not permitted.

Storm King Dam. Image by Tony Rush

Storm King Dam. Image by Tony Rush


Leslie Dam

Leslie Dam is a short drive West of Warwick. Named after Patrick Leslie, the first person to buy land in the Warwick region. Built in 1965, the dam wall was then extended in 1986 due to the demand for more water. At full capacity the dam holds 106,200 ML. Leslie Dam has camping and day facilities, toilets and bbqs. There is abundance of space to enjoy fishing or swimming.

Dam Image by Ace Tutor

Leslie Dam Image by Ace Tutor