Seed Saving

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Hi and Happy growing season to all BLOG members and potential seed savers.

For any info, ideas or seed donations etc please email Barbara ‘B’ Benham
The BLOG Seed Saving Group aim to have a good variety of the current seasons vegetable and flower seeds for Granite Belt growing conditions
Our irregular meetings are a great opportunity to swap seed with one another.
Late summer to autumn is the perfect time to harvest seed from your garden.
The following are a few steps to follow for collecting and saving seed.
  >>Variety is better than massive amounts of one seed.
  >>The largest and best looking plants are an obvious choice for seed saving, but don’t overlook saving some seed from interesting plants of the variety.
  >>Collect when the weather is dry.
  >>Fruits with their seed in pulp eg tomatoes are best picked when ripe, a little after the table stage.
  Dry these seeds on paper towel.
  >>Fruits picked immature for eating eg zucchini, cucumber, corn, need to stay on the plant to reach full size and left for another 3 weeks to mature.
  >>Edible seeds eg broadbean, sunflower, can be left on the plant to dry completely.
  >>Use paper  bags over the plants if conditions become windy or predators are at large.
  >>You can also pull whole plants out and hang them for the seeds to mature or lie them on a sheet to drop.
  >>Clean up your seeds of chaff, stems pods etc. This is where insect pests and fungal spores are harboured.
  This is done by shelling, winnowing or sieving.
  [ If this all seems a bit difficult we will be doing some of this on the day.]
   >>Hang small quantities of seed in paper bags to dry thoroughly.
   >>Important: Store your seed in a non transparent airtight container, in cool dry conditions.
This is also why it is crucial if you are volunteering for our Market in the Mountains stall, not to leave the seed boxes in a hot car!
    Click here for copy of label info below.
Local/Botanical Name:
Harvest Date:
Viability %:    If you know this!
Habit:    ie bush, vine etc.
Sow:   Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter
Tolerates:   Disease/Drought/Pest/Frost
Isolation:   Self Pollinating/Cross Pollinating
Seed Produced:   Annually/Biennially
Collector’s Name:
>>There are reusable foil seed saving packets available free to Blog members.
They are only small but have the above labelling information.
Ask for them at Market in the Mountains stall or at Blog Meetings
>> The Seed Savers’ Handbook” remains on the Market in the Mountains Best Seller List.
At $25 it is also a perennial favourite with Blog members. It is a basic reference full of applicable information.
Copies will be available at Feb and March meetings too.
>> 2010 Astrological Calendars and Planting Guides …  coming soon, available 
Market in the Mountains stall or at Blog Meetings


Happy Seed Saving through the ’09>’10 growing season.
For any info, ideas etc please email Barbara ‘b’ Benham


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