Is the NBN all it’s cracked up to be, or is it the joke we all fell for?

If you are excited about getting the wireless NBN connected in the highlands of the granite-belt, don’t be….  This apparent joke that is being played on the majoity of us, is typical of the new normal in the corporate world. Don’t be fooled. Your maximum speed is 25 megabit, no faster no matter what anyone says, and you are lucky to get that on a good day. If a pidgeon passes wind near the antenna, you are likely to lose connection, even if for a moment.

Now admittedly, many people have been unable to get ADSL due to Telstra’s lack of port availability, and distance related issues to the exchange, but if you already have ADSL, and it is fast enough, i would recommend you stick with it. If you are happy with constant dropouts, or blatent lieing from the NBN co. website regarding the availability of NBN wireless, then by all means set yourself up for  potential bitter dissapointment…

The facts:

  • You DO NOT have to use NBN wireless for your phone, you can keep it through copper wire if you choose.
  • NBN phone means you lose calls to 000 in an emergency, when there is no power or when that pesky pidgeon passes wind.
  • The wind, trees, buildings and more will interfere with your connection.
  • They will not install on buildings with asbestos roofing (not that i blame them).
  • The maximum speed you can get on wireless is 25/5 and you are LUCKY at best to acheive 1/2 of that speed. This is through ANY provider.
  • The NBN providers usually have no idea what they are selling. Generally will try to sell you a faster plan you cannot get, EVER.
  • You can maintain your ADSL and NBN connections simultaneously if you choose, but you will need to pay for both.
  • Just because it says it’s available, is not necessarily the case…


I am calling the bluff, with a clear notification of my own address being able to get NBN from the NBN Co website, and a provider that concurred, the end result for me is no internet, no signal, and no joy.  I want to know how many others out there have had similar issues, so we can change this for the better. visit  //  and register to have your say!

cartoon_ct620x465This is an indipendent review from one of our volunteers, and is not necessarily a perspective or view shared by GraniteNet Inc. or it’s associated businesses.