Fake driving infringement notices in circulation

2 December 2016

Fake driving infringement notices in circulation: Alert Priority Moderate

Scammers are circulating emails that claim the recipient is being fined for a driving infringement and directing them to a link that claims to take users to the relevant documentation.

The message incorporates a fake infringement cause, number, date, fine amount and date by which the fine needs to be paid. The email states that it is an automated message and asks the user not to reply.

You are advised not to click on the link in the email as doing so may infect your computer with malicious software such as spyware or ransomware. You should also delete the email itself.

If you feel you have been subjected to a cybercrime incident, you may inform the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network.

Some of the emails claim to have been sent in the name of ‘Criminal Legal,’ which styles itself as ‘Australia’s Most Informative Criminal and Traffic Law Website’. Other emails claim to be from different sources.

More informationStay Smart Online has information on recognising scams and hoaxes.

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