A friend of mine recently said to me; “If you cannot do something honestly, then perhaps you need to find another way”.

Apparently the big VPN companies have not heard of that, with nearly 50% being on board with big data moguls, and the mere few that act interdependently, all of which are required by law to give up your data habits in court rulings, no matter what you pay, though depending on the country.

The fact of the matter is, no matter what you do online, there is a much better way, and a free way to use your own VPN equivalent. I will not condone any illegal dealings online, or for that matter downloading shows illegally, but if you simply must do it, here is the simplest software for the job. The ‘Tor Project Browser’, found easily on google or other search engines, it is open source and does the job nicely by encrypting your browsing habits, as well as hopping through at least 3 online locations to prevent tracking, it does not even keep your habits on history, or allow you to keep bookmarks. It is simply a stripped down version of Mozilla Firefox with the Tor Network Hop built in.

Give it a go, i promise it is the best VPN solution out there, and you can even attach your regular browsers or apps to it with a proxy setup, (although proxy via Tor is not recommended).

As you can see I likely avoided my friends advice on honesty, but then this information is provided for those of us whom have an aversion to privacy, if like me google annoys you for it’s ability to track where you are at that moment on your phone, and then decide to shove advertising at you from that and nearby companies for weeks later. A breach of my own privacy so far as i am concerned, given my lack of consent to track my locations via my phone, yet it still knows…

This article is general knowledge only, and is a personal addition and has no affiliation to GraniteNet Inc.