As the weather continues to heat up the SDRC thought it would be a great opportunity to share some ideas on how to help keep your gardens in tip, top shape during high level water restrictions.

We invest a lot in our gardens and want them to thrive in all conditions. Council has partnered with one of Warwick’s gardening guru’s Mr Duanne Karle from The Weeping Mulberry to offer 2 workshops in January 2019.


These workshops will discuss some of the simple actions we can take to keep our garden beds looking their best during times of drought. Topics include:

  • How plants access and use water
  • Beneficial watering regimes
  • How to improve your soil to maximise water retention and accessibility
  • Use of different landscaping tools e.g. rocks and mulches
  • Garden design


The first workshop will be held in Stanthorpe at the Civic Centre Supper Rooms on Wednesday, 16th January 2019 and the second will be held in Warwick at the Library Meeting Room on Wednesday, 23rd January from 1pm. Each workshop will go for approximately 1 hour. These workshops will have a practical component and we encourage those attending to bring along some soil from their garden beds at home. We will have on hand ph kits, soil moisture meters, wetting agents and a variety of mulch types to help you understand just how to get the best from your soil.


Due to space and time constraints RSVPs are essential. When RSVPing, full details on what to bring will be provided as part of the confirmation. For more information or to RSVP email


You can find loads MORE of local and useful information on being waterwise of Stanthorpe Conditions on facebook at //