Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery Summer Program

Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery Summer Program

Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery

Summer Program


The Gallery Summer Program is now available.

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Exhibitions 21 Nov – 22 Dec 2019

Symphony in H2O – ‘Sense of Soul’

Artists Louise Corke, Petra Daecke, and Joanne Power Cotton, known as ‘Sense of Soul’ present their interpretations of water in nature through paintings, titled Symphony in H2O. Their aim is to raise awareness and inspire people to lead a more balanced and emotionally stable life through visual and auditory interpretations of water and the natural landscape.

Earth + Fire: Are new ceramic creations from members of the Stanthorpe Pottery Club. 

This collection is inspired by the elemental forces at the core of creation in clay and its transformation by fire, fuelled and ignited by challenge and inspiration.

Lyra Parker: Smashing Barriers of Judgement

This is Lyra Parker’s first major exhibition.  A young and emerging artist she loves to delve deep with her art. Her portrait series and videos are a result of recorded interviews with six individuals. Her other works show this artist’s diversity and love of colour.

Looking Forward and Looking Back: Stanthorpe State High School

‘Looking Forward and Looking Back’ is an exhibition of the Senior Art students in year 11 and 12 from Stanthorpe State High School. The exhibit features a diverse range of student responses in a variety of 2D and 3D media.

Exhibitions  9 Jan – 16 Feb 2020

Rhonda Armistead: Standing Still

Come on a 2000km journey along the backroads and highways to discover the lost, abandoned and still standing old buildings and sheds in a series of paintings and drypoint engravings by Rhonda Armistead.

Janne Chew: Resonating Reflections

This artist examines a variety of disciplines: Resin on glass and resin on wood makes up a substantial section of the work that explores the freedom of the medium and vibrant colour. To add to this vivid and fluid effect are a section of alcohol inks. Alongside the work in resin are a selection of acrylics on canvas, watercolour and pastel art.

Gayle Shaw: Seasons

Gayle’s interests lie in the natural environment which brings personal enjoyment and satisfaction.  Nature and the surrounding splendour are the inspiration for this artist. Her feelings of wonder are expressed in the colourful glass objects through both simple and complex designs with the aim to evoke feelings of peace and resonate with the landscape.

School Holiday Workshops

We are currently confirming our school holiday workshops and will update our website soon. Workshop dates: 17, 18, 19 December and 14, 17, 21, 24 January.

Stanthorpe Art Prize

The Stanthorpe Art Prize is now open for entries and is offering a total prize pool of $50,000. This biennial prize has been running since 1972 and is one of the most valuable regional art prizes in Australia.

Entries close 16 March 2020. All mediums of artworks are accepted except audio-visual. The theme is open. There are strict size limits, so please check the terms and conditions before entering.

The judges for this award will be Simon Elliott—Deputy Director, Collection and Exhibitions, QAGOMA (Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art) and Rachael Parsons—Director, NERAM (New England Regional Art Museum).

The Stanthorpe Art Prize exhibition will be on show from 5 June to 29 July 2020. This is always an outstanding exhibition.

All Australian artists are eligible to enter this art prize.

Find out more about the Stanthorpe Art Prize.